Lil' Pigskins - Football

Lil' Pigskins is a national child development program that helps kids discover the game of football. This program is designed for children to learn about football, have fun playing games with footballs, and to increase their overall health. Our dynamic curriculum is safe, non-aggressive, child focused, and comprehensive. From 18 months to 12 years, the program focuses on increasing athletic ability, leadership, confidence, and knowledge of the game. Lil' Pigskins focuses more on the fun of football and less on the competition of football. Children will have a fun-filled adventure participating in Lil' Pigskins’ classes.

LIL'PIGSKINS SCHEDULE 2013 (updated 12/8/2012)

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Sportsplex of St Charles Flag Football is a non-contact, 'fun-first' league. Flag Football is perfect for the football enthusiast who wants to avoid injury while having a blast with their friends and getting a good workout. Leagues and Tournament info coming soon! If you would like more information please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Child Development Specialists

Child development specialists have contributed to every lesson plan in our program by utilizing proven child development techniques. In fact, five (5) of our Lil’ Pigskins’ consultants have Masters’ degrees and two (2) have doctorate degrees.  Our 12 innovative curriculums are specifically designed for the current stage of your child’s development. This helps children in every class, excel at their age appropriate milestones.

Throw, Catch, and even Kick

Lil' Pigskins is a safe program that is sure to get parental approval from the full spectrum, including the cautious guardians all the way to the football enthusiast. We have several items that are used in the curriculums to make a lasting and memorable experience that the players will love. We ensure that all players get an opportunity to throw, catch, and even kick a football every class.  For around $10 a class, your child will have a week's worth of fun! You can easily sign-up or try a free class at no obligation.
No equipment, NO pads, No helmets, No problem
With no equipment, pads, or helmets needed, all children, boys and girls, at all skill levels, can safely enjoy Lil' Pigskin’s programs.