Become a part of the Fox Valley's most exciting advertising opportunity...

Sportsplex of St. Charles is a year round sports facility that attracts up to 500,000 participants and spectators each year; and an average of 10,000 spectators, fans, and players pass through our doors weekly. Our facility proudly promotes and displays companies, logos, and products through a variety of advertising opportunities


The boards in the Soccer fields display a self adhesive sticker, just like all other major sports arenas. Businesses are responsible for providing Sportsplex with a logo or product art in order to complete advertisements. We can also promote your business through our website and e-mails.

Other Advertising Opportunities...

  • Banner Program
  • Program Sponsorships
  • Field Logo
  • Goal Ads
  • Painted Wall Ads
  • Coupon Booklets 

For More Information on our Advertising Opportunities and Pricing,
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